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Anti Tobacco and Gutkha Campaign

Dr. Ram Barot Malad West Assembly

Anti Tobacco

Since 1980, the consumption of Gutkha and Pan masala was growing at a very high pace. This addiction was causing the dreaded disease Cancer amongst the youngsters. It was the root cause for the cancer of mouth, tongue, esophagus, gums and different organs. As soon as I became the chairman of the Health Committee of Mumbai Mahanagar Palika in the year 1997 – 98, I initiated this Campaign of Anti Gutkha and Pan Masala. It became my Prime concern to set the society and the younger generation ( future India ) free of this addiction. For the first time in the history of our nation did we have a movement like this raised against the consumption of Gutkha and Pan Masala. I moved a notice of Motion to Ban Gutkha in Mumbai (Publicity and Sale), which was unanimously passed by the corporation. I published a book in Hindi “ Gutkha ek Abhishaap”, which was a collection of articles of the top most doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital (T M H), Parel. This book was unveiled by the then health Minister and a great film start Mr. Shatrughna Sinha. It was held at the Tata Memorial Hospital under the surveillance and guidance of the director of the T M H, Dr.K Dinshaw..


The Gujarathi edition of the book is under printing

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